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ProxyGetPostConnectTrans.SpeedQualityCountryCheck Date T5.18Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T3.28Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T6.07Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T7.38Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 A0.65Kbps50.00% 06-Jul-2015 E1.87Kbps50.00% 06-Jul-2015 E2.87Kbps50.00% 06-Jul-2015 T9.76Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T6.08Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T2.53Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T6.97Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T6.88Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T7.69Kbps50.00% 06-Jul-2015 E6.63Kbps50.00% 06-Jul-2015 T1.41Kbps50.00% 06-Jul-2015 T0.34Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T0.43Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 E3.03Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 E2.26Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 T8.56Kbps100.00% 06-Jul-2015 A2.52Kbps100.00% 05-Jul-2015